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At the crossroads of tech and art, Alderville is a Venture Capital that believes in making a change.

Disrupting Industry Standards

We are data-driven, lead by innovation, and knowledgeable in the sectors we choose to invest in. Yet, we like to learn from the experts we believe in.


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Est. 2017

in a few words

Alderville renews the definition of what a VC should be:
a supportive, activating role rather than a self-interested asset hoarder, who show up only when there is credit to claim or exits to celebrate.

Our way of working puts contents before container. Founders can trust us on leaving drama out of the boardroom.

We don’t judge nor do we blame, we simply want to come together and help make the best choices for the business.

Our aim is that our invested companies make a beneficial impact beyond creating financial value, and our behaviour as investors recognizes the huge need to reverse global warming and create an world where people from all backgrounds come close to achieving their full potential.

We wish to lead seed rounds, planting the ground as believers, and being a trusted partner with our Entrepreneurs.

The Future

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You can meet Alderville at major venture capital conferences. This website does not have a contact page : we’ll know where you are.



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